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We all use metaphor and story throughout our lives, often without much in the way of conscious deliberation. It is a part of our normal communication

Tips for a stress-free Christmas 

Why worry? – Anxiety can be useful – to protect you from things going wrong! BUT – once you have looked at your worries and planned how to deal with them – you need to let the anxiety go.. it has done its job.

Grow your skills: A practical day of hypnosis

Do you miss discussion and swapping experiences with your professional colleagues about hypnotic applications in your clinical field? Do you miss practising hypnotic techniques face to face in the way

A Titanic Experience

A case study of a dental phobic.   Dr Mandy Kent BDS  Mr AL (55yrs old) works in the film industry and loves films. He is an extrovert man with a

Online training – pros and cons

Prior to the pandemic I would have maintained that hypnosis training really needed physical face to face sessions for the practical aspects of hypnosis to be adequately taught but I