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Free audio downloads

BSCAH’s therapists are all healthcare professionals and have donated free audio downloads for anyone needing help to cope in these potentially stressful times.

The content in these audio recordings is NOT meant to replace medical or psychological treatment or consultation. Always continue to consult with your doctor regarding the management of your health problem or condition. Under no circumstances must you cease taking prescribed medication without your doctor’s approval. Do not listen to hypnosis recordings whilst driving or operating machinery. The content of each recording has been chosen by a number of our practitioners, based on their extensive clinical experience.

These audio recordings will help you to become more physically relaxed and mentally calm. They utilise various forms of imagery to help focus your attention and give positive suggestion. Self-hypnosis is a natural state similar to daydreaming, or getting lost in a good book. This relaxed state is good for both physical and mental health, improves your immune system and helps you to recharge. Self-hypnosis can be done as often as you like; as with any skill it gets easier and quicker to do with practise, and after a while you may well find you no longer need to listen to the audio recording to enter a deeply relaxed state.

  • It is important NOT to listen to these when driving or in any other situation that requires your full attention.
  • If you have some active significant mental health issues please discuss with your doctor/counsellor/psychologist whether these recordings would be appropriate for you
  • However relaxed you become, using these audios, part of you will remain alert and you will be able to stop at any time if there is an emergency that requires your attention and deal with it appropriately
  • You may find you are very good at visualisation but just having some awareness of the imagery used is absolutely fine and works just as well
  • If your mind wanders whilst you are listening, just gently focus back on the recording when you notice this, and don’t beat yourself up about it – it’s just what minds do
  • Self-hypnosis is a ‘being’ state, you don’t have to try and do anything..Just listen and allow yourself to become curious.

For further information about hypnosis click here

You can download these audio recordings by clicking on the share button and then the download icon