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Why Join BSCAH?

BSCAH has been educating healthcare professionals in improved communication techniques and the art of clinical hypnosis since 1952. We have a proven track record and have trained thousands of healthcare professionals over the decades.

Evidence tells us that communication is fundamental to positive health outcomes, patient experience and quality of care as well as limiting litigation. BSCAH not only teaches healthcare professionals to effectively communicate with their patients, but better communication also has a positive impact on colleagues and family members.

Current healthcare services are under immense pressure and healthcare professionals are exhausted, burnt out and often demoralised. BSCAH is here to help meet the needs of a range of registered healthcare professionals, where the provision of hypnosis and positive communication could become or is part of their professional role.

Only by working together can we bring about change to improve patient outcomes, save the NHS millions, help prevent staff burnout, and alleviate suffering. BSCAH believes that clinical hypnosis should be utilised by everyone in the healthcare sector – it is a highly beneficial skill which can be utilised for free and learned with ease. 

BSCAHs mission is “The acceptance of clinical hypnosis as an effective intervention in all branches of healthcare”.

BSCAH not only advocates the correct and safe use of clinical hypnosis, but we also realise that if we want to succeed in our mission we need to put pressures on the political powers to solicit positive change. We can only do this by teaming up as one voice and utilising our members and friends’ expertise and experience. If you believe that clinical hypnosis is a valuable tool, and you wish to support the use of clinical hypnosis as a mainstream adjunctive skill in healthcare then please support us by joining.

Other benefits:


      • Access to online peer support from fellow professionals/ members 

      • Free monthly Webinars

      • Free access to all past webinars: 

      • Enjoy a reduced rate for educational events and conferences held by BSCAH and other affiliated societies.

      • BSCAH provides a safe platform for networking opportunities

      • The opportunity to help BSCAH realise it’s mission by offering your expertise

      • Accreditation

    Clinical Hypnosis has a very long history, join and be part of the next chapter.