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Consent and Hypnosis

The process of gathering consent for procedures is well described in a variety of documents. My concerns have been very eloquently sumarised by Dr Allan Cyna here, and I suggest you


FREE AUDIO FOR RELAXATION FROM BSCAH THERAPISTS… Click here to go to the BSCAH free resource page Many of us at the moment are facing unprecedented and hitherto unknown stresses

Beyond the Words

by Katalin Varga I read this book because Dr Varga presented an excellent workshop at one of the ESH conferences, and I was inspired to hear further. This is a

Hypnosis and ADHD

I wonder whether any of you have tried using hypnosis to help a sufferer from attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? I wonder whether any of you have tried using hypnosis to

Hypnosis in the Emergency Department

My apologies for the lack of blogs recently. There are loads of reasons, but the most significant reason, I think, is that winter has hit my hospital, and therefore me,

Spider phobia no longer!

Yesterday I succeeded in catching my first spider. Whilst preparing our guest room yesterday, a long-legged spider appeared from behind the bedstead. I admit I screamed at first. Then, almost

Empathy and Rapport

Does establishing good empathy facilitate hypnosis or does hypnosis provide an accelerated path to empathy? Peter Naish posed this question in an email that generated quite a discussion on the

How to choose a hypnosis practitioner?

If you’re looking for help solving a problem, and you’ve decided to use hypnosis to help, how do you decide who to use? We’ve talked already about some of the labels around