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Periods and menstruation and hypnosis?

One would have thought there was a lot of evidence about the effectiveness. And maybe there is, but I can’t find it, so I would appreciate your anecdotes! As part

Not all days are good days

Not all days are good days. In the face of adversity what choices do we have? Do we lose ourselves, feeling overwhelmed and helpless, perhaps escaping into displacement activity to

Dental hypnosis and hypnotherapy

‘Hypnosis…that wouldn’t work on me…I would resist it’ ‘That’s mumbo jumbo’ ‘Will you be brainwashing me?’  ‘What if I get stuck in hypnosis?’ Personally, I don’t like using the word

BSCAH Specialist Webinars

I can’t believe that we are coming up to our sixth webinar already! These webinars, free to members and available for a small fee to non-members, are proving popular. They

Tulpas by Jim Moorhouse

I wonder how many people have heard of tulpas/tulpae? A tulpa, in essence, is an imaginary friend come to life, a “head mate” created by the imagination, using various techniques,

Consent and Hypnosis

The process of gathering consent for procedures is well described in a variety of documents. My concerns have been very eloquently sumarised by Dr Allan Cyna here, and I suggest you