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E-learning and hypnosis

BSCAH foundation training is recognised by ESH, and the ISH. ESH and ISH set the standards for basic hypnosis training for health care professionals, and they recognise BSCAH’s course as

Which hypnosis society is for me?

We’ve talked a lot in our blogs about some of the terminology and considerations around hypnosis. How to choose a practitionerconcentrated on the differences between clinicians and non-clinicians. What’s in a

Writing Blogs

A blog is an online journal or informational section of a website that aims to increase visibility of a website, as well as disseminating information. It’s about connecting you to

Non-verbal Communication

As Clinicians who use hypnosis, we are always very clear that we consider ourselves to be excellent communicators. We pay a lot of attention to our verbal, and non verbal

What’s the evidence for hypnosis?

We often hear “what’s the evidence for hypnosis”. Well, a great systemic review has been released looking at lots of the evidence around hypnosis and pain. You can access it

Hypnosis, what’s in a name?

As people who are trained in the use of hypnosis, we already know that our choice of words is important, and we’re very good at avoiding unwitting nocebo use. There’s